Welcome, ATLAS Ambassador! We're excited that you are interested in exploring the option of raising money for your school or music program! Below is a detailed overview of how our fundraising opportunity works and a few frequently asked questions, too. Be sure to read through the whole thing! 



The ATLAS Ambassador Program includes an opportunity for students to raise money for their music program, whether it's their school music program or a private/community organization. Through a website called Bonfire, The OK Factor will set up a 'campaign' that lasts for 30 days. Within that time frame, students can share the campaign with their community, encouraging their school, friends, and family to purchase t-shirts and apparel designed just for them to raise money for their program. The money collected on Bonfire will be sent to The OK Factor's business bank account, at which point a check will be issued from The OK Factor to the school/program/organization. The OK Factor does not keep any of the profit money - Olivia and Karla are just proud to help students support their programs. 


The OK Factor has established a few parameters to make this process simple and stress-free: 


1. T-shirts will sell for $20. This allows for the maximum profit while still being a reasonable price.

The cost of any other apparel students might be interested will be determined between The OK Factor and the student/parent. You can view available apparel options here:

2. The minimum number of shirts that need to be sold in order for the campaign to be successful is 5. 

Read more about Bonfire's minimums here:

3. Campaigns will run for a maximum of 30 days. 

You have the option to set how long the campaign will run, however the default will be 30 days to maximize your selling time and profits.



What if another student from my program wants to earn their ‘LEAD” stamp by running a fundraising campaign, too?

A: We provide a campaign link based on the school name you provide. If one student has already started a fundraising campaign for your school, you will both be provided with the same link, raising money for your music program. There is no need to designate who raised how much, as you’re all working toward the same goal!

How do people order shirts?

A: If somebody is interested in ordering a shirt, they must visit the fundraising campaign link we provide to you. There, they can order the quantity and size(s) they’d like.

Can I order a shirt?

A: Of course! You order a shirt just like anyone else would, using the fundraising campaign link we provide you.

When will people receive their shirts?

A: Shirts are shipped with two weeks of the end date of the campaign (campaigns run for 30 days). Shirts are shipped via USPS flat rate of $4.97, which is the only option offered when they order their shirt online.

How does the money get to my school?

A: A check will be written and mailed to your school by The OK Factor within two weeks of the end date of the campaign (campaigns run for 30 days).


More questions? Email Olivia & Karla directly,