The elementary school ATLAS Adventure includes materials that focus on: 

- Introductory composition using basic rhythmic and melodic elements and engaging, exploratory methods with the voice and found objects

- Identification of folk, pop and classical genres

- Discussion questions that get students thinking about practicing and how music builds community 


The adventure begins with student study guides and teacher companions, which are provided for grades 3-5, and a Powerpoint presentation for grades K-2. Facilitated by teachers, students work through the various activities outlined in their study guides or Powerpoint to develop knowledge and skills to prepare them for the next stop on their adventure...

...a workshop with The OK Factor! Students build off the foundation they developed throughout their study guides to learn that folk music is a part of everyday life, sing well-known folk melodies together, identify when and how the cello and violin play in the styles of folk, pop and classical genres, and possibly share in a folk dance!


atlas sample study guides v.1.png
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