Ready to book an ATLAS Adventure for your students? Here's your checklist:


[ 1 ] Complete the questionnaire below to provide more information about you, your program, and your hopes for your ATLAS Adventure. The OK Factor will review your questionnaire and email you to set up an in-person, Skype, FaceTime, or phone consultation to discuss specifics. 

[ 2 ] Ahead of your consultation, download the sample proposal below, which was created by The OK Factor for teachers to submit to administration and team members. Once all potential questions are addressed and details are agreed upon during the consultation, complete and submit the proposal to the necessary parties.

[ 3 ] Once the proposal is approved, The OK Factor will issue a formal contract and invoice, outlining all engagements, hours, and pricing.

[ 4 ] You will be given a code to secure all ATLAS Adventure materials online, including student study guides, teacher lesson plans/guides, musical references, etc. If you chose for your proposal to include printed materials, folders, and/or stickers to be sent to you, necessary arrangements will be made at this time.

[ 5 ] Have an amazing adventure with The OK Factor! 


View the ATLAS Handbook for pricing, a detailed booking process, and an in-depth ATLAS Adventure overview.

Download the Sample Proposals via the buttons below.