Let's go on an adventure!

Both students and teachers are invited on a journey that includes guided stops along the way to explore composition, improvisation and the genres of folk, pop, and classical music. Orchestra students will learn new string techniques such as chopping, accented rhythmic patterns and ornamentation, and everyone will come away with a new energy and love for making music together.  

The OK Factor offers ATLAS Adventures for grades K-12, general music classrooms, and community studios/ensembles.

Learn more about each grade level's Adventure opportunities: 



An ATLAS Adventure can be combined with several additional opportunities for a more comprehensive, connected experience for your students. Read more about The OK Factor's "add-on" opportunities below:

In addition to an ATLAS Adventure, add an Evening Performance with The OK Factor! The OK Factor can share the stage with students in a variety of capacities to enhance their ATLAS experience, invite family and community members to partake, and to provide a nice capstone to the adventure. 

Either at the beginning or end of your ATLAS Adventure, ask The OK Factor into your classroom for a Performance Q&A in which students hear the duo perform their original pieces in a more laid-back setting and ask any questions they desire regarding life as a musician, instruments, composing music, touring, recording CD’s, practicing, etc. This add-on may also be a good way to include various grade levels who may not be able to participate in a formal ATLAS Adventure.

In addition to or separate from an ATLAS Adventure, invite your middle and high school students into a discussion-based experience with Olivia and Karla. Similar to a Performance Q&A, Conversations with The OK Factor is a relaxed group discussion in which The OK Factor shares their personal experiences and insights into the processes of composition, running a small business, partnership and collaboration, practicing, and a career in the music industry. Conversations with The OK Factor does not offer a performance by the duo. Rather, it is meant to be a deeper, more personal discussion about these topics.