ATLAS is a music education initiative developed by Olivia Diercks and Karla Colahan, cellist and violinist of The OK Factor, aimed at encouraging students to be adventurous with music. Pulling from their own personal musical journeys, Olivia and Karla have found a deep sense of purpose in exciting and encouraging students of all ages to explore what music means to them, both as community members and as individuals. Through ATLAS, Olivia and Karla engage students in exploring their unique musical voice, and how they can use it to foster meaningful, life-changing opportunities.

A cornerstone of ATLAS is the ATLAS Adventure - a workshop with The OK Factor - which takes both students and teachers on a musical adventure with guided stops along the way to explore composition, improvisation, and the genres of folk, pop, and classical music. It also facilitates the learning of string techniques such as chopping and accented rhythmic patterns, which enhance the students’ capabilities and options for creativity. The best part is, ATLAS Adventures are made for everyone! From general music programs, to public and private orchestras, from Kindergarten to high school.

In addition to ATLAS Adventures, ATLAS is home to many resources that will inspire instrumentalists from all backgrounds and walks of life, including worksheets to facilitate composition, the ATLAS Ambassadors student leadership program, and The OK Factor’s original transcriptions for duo and quartet. Designed to reach a wide range of playing abilities, The OK Factor’s transcriptions can be used throughout a workshop with the duo while incorporating the string techniques and compositional and improvisatory concepts from the ATLAS material.


Explore all of what ATLAS has to offer via the ATLAS Handbook, available for download below.